[AP-UTILS] how do i connect to the AP?

Thomas ap-utils@kiev.iorta.com
Wed, 5 Jun 2002 14:53:11 -0500

hello, and thanks for the quick response.  I think i understand, but i want to 
make sure before i plop down the money to buy something : )

as i understand it, the ap-utils will allow me to configure my access point 
over the USB port the same way you do in windows, or i can connect to it over 
tcp/ip without any usb support if i can connect to its ip address.  is this 

thanks for the help, and sorry im being such a bother : )

On Wednesday 05 June 2002 01:36, Roman Festchook wrote:
> On  05  2002 21:20, Thomas wrote:
> > hello.  i am considering buying a linksys wireless access point, and
> > found this software, but i have a few questions about how it works, that
> > i couldnt find answers to in the docs.  My basic situation is, i would
> > like to add a wireless net on top of my home wired lan.  I have access to
> > windows machines with usb ports, and i am assuming that i could (if all
> > else fails) configure my access point from one of those machines via usb,
> > and then plug it into my wired hub, and itll work.
> >
> > However, i would like to be able to maintain it from any linux machine on
> > my net at a later date (if i decide i need to change some settings, or
> > whatever), so my question is, can i use your software to configure the
> > access point over the lan, as opposed to configuring it over a usb port?
> Yes, ap-atmel has all functionality from corresponding windoze utility with
> some additional features, you also may use it for first config you AP (as
> USB util) with default password and ip address, just add default AP network
> to you eth interface on linux box and connect.
> > sorry if this is a silly question, but i couldnt find the answer to it
> > anywhere else.
> It's no problem. If you have additional questions - ask.
> Have Fun!:)