[ap-utils] find associated macs w/ ap-mrtg ?

Roman Festchook roma at polesye.net
Thu Mar 25 02:27:36 EET 2004

On Monday 15 March 2004 01:21, Jacek Pliszka wrote:
> > > This touches a larger topic for the wishlist:
> > really?
> It's up to you.
I am only one man with really small amount of free time now:((

> Too low level.  I think there is a need for something between. Somethin=
> that takes only AP type and knows what capabilities it has and under
> what OID. Something that you can  base CLI, curses UI, GUI on.
> Something that you can easily add anothe AP to.
ap-utils its a small and easy to use utils set firstly writen for persona=
use. I don't plan to write such kind of monster software - and probably m=
users and manufacturers dont need this too.

> For example - my cousins company sells some APs supporting SNMP but not
> ATMEL-based.
> There are networks that use these APs together with ATMEL APs. It would
> be nice to have one program for that.
But administrators of this networks dont write this support, your cousins=
company dont want to pay for developing such things and finally I dont us=
this APs and no need this configuration tool too.

Roman Festchook
Network Engineer

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