[ap-utils] find associated macs w/ ap-mrtg ?

Jacek Pliszka pliszka at fuw.edu.pl
Thu Mar 25 03:13:02 EET 2004

On Thu, 2004-03-25 at 01:27, Roman Festchook wrote:
> > It's up to you.
> Only?:)

I did not mean doing - I meant deciding/approving.

> I am only one man with really small amount of free time now:((

I am very grateful for the time you have already spent on the project.

> ap-utils its a small and easy to use utils set firstly writen for personal 
> use. I don't plan to write such kind of monster software - and probably most 
> users and manufacturers dont need this too.

But users of  non-supported APs do.    And those who do not want to use
curses do as well.

I do not have time right now but eventually I want to have Linux
software for this AP and
it would be nicer to add it to some existing project than to start a new



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