[ap-utils] Associated stations MAC addresses

Roman Festchook ap-utils@kiev.iorta.com
Wed, 9 Oct 2002 19:52:23 +0300

On  09  2002 19:37, CyZooNiC wrote:
> I the MIB I have the following but I don't understand how to use it:
> -------------------------------Associated Station----------------------
sorry firstly I think that you want to retrieve Autorized MAC Address info, 
anyway see what say more complite mib (in the ap-utils distribution):
AssociatedStationsGRP OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= {wireless 5}

      SYNTAX  INTEGER (1..2007)
      ACCESS  read-only
      STATUS  mandatory
      "This parameter's value indicates the number of the currently
      associated STAtions. Associated STAtions should not be more
      than 2007."
      ::= { AssociatedStationsGRP 1 }

AssociatedSTAsInfo      OBJECT-TYPE
            SYNTAX      OCTET STRING (SIZE (24))
            ACCESS  read-only
            STATUS  mandatory
            "The associated STAtion's Information.
                        unsigned sort Num;
                        unsigned char MacAddress[6];
                } "
            ::= { AssociatedStationsGRP 2 }
so you only need to set corresponding mac in to request and make get - for C 
code how to make it see src/stations.c in ap-utils package (path related to 
version 1.2preX source tree)

Roman Festchook
Network Engineer