[ap-utils] ap-utils 1.2 & DWL-900AP configs

Roman Festchook ap-utils@kiev.iorta.com
Fri, 22 Nov 2002 15:49:07 +0200

On ū—‘ 22 ž…” 2002 00:33, Johnny Brown wrote:
> Okay, thanks for the info.  You might add this interesting bit of
> knowledge to your README for v1.3 as I suspect there are a few other
> Atmel users who would like to know this "feature".
man ap-config:))

> Good to know the numbers are supposed to be decreased.  However, my
> experience was that entering numbers more than max (254) resulted in
> numbers that were 254 or less, with the amount less depending on some
> unknown algorithm.  However, 254 as a max is just fine - I don't want to
> get too anal here ;-)
from man ap-config
Radio       Under  the  Radio  user will be able to set or
              get the Transmitting Powervalues, for  the  Control
              Register  31 of the Baseband, for each channel. Reg
              CR31: Under this option user defines  a  value  for
              the transmitted power (Value for the Control regis≠
              ter 31 of the baseband) and it must be in the range
              128  (max)  to  255 (min) in Decimal form. Starting
              from version 0.6 of Access Point SNMP Config  util≠
              ity  it's  possible  to  set power output level for
              your AP. You may set signal power output  in  range
              from  0mw to 100mw by setting value for correspond≠
              ing channel from 0 to 255 (0xFF). The scale  is  as
                           Value: 00----------128--------255
                           Power: 0mw--------100mw-------0mw
                   So  to  get  maximum power output from your AP
              set value for corresponding channel to 128  (0x80).
              But  sometimes  better  solution  -  experimentalli
              choose values for best link quality, sometimes  not
              max. More info you can get from:

> On to v1.3, then the world!!  Well, except maybe ACX100 chip sets ;-(
what you mean?

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