[ap-utils] ap-utils 1.2 & DWL-900AP configs

Johnny Brown ap-utils@kiev.iorta.com
Mon, 25 Nov 2002 19:53:05 +0100

Roman Festchook wrote:

>On ū—‘ 22 ž…” 2002 00:33, Johnny Brown wrote:
>>Okay, thanks for the info.  You might add this interesting bit of
>>knowledge to your README for v1.3 as I suspect there are a few other
>>Atmel users who would like to know this "feature".
>man ap-config:))
>>Good to know the numbers are supposed to be decreased.  However, my
>>experience was that entering numbers more than max (254) resulted in
>>numbers that were 254 or less, with the amount less depending on some
>>unknown algorithm.  However, 254 as a max is just fine - I don't want to
>>get too anal here ;-)
>from man ap-config
>Radio       Under  the  Radio  user will be able to set or
>              get the Transmitting Powervalues, for  the  Control
>              Register  31 of the Baseband, for each channel. Reg
>              CR31: Under this option user defines  a  value  for
>              the transmitted power (Value for the Control regis≠
>              ter 31 of the baseband) and it must be in the range
>              128  (max)  to  255 (min) in Decimal form. Starting
>              from version 0.6 of Access Point SNMP Config  util≠
>              ity  it's  possible  to  set power output level for
>              your AP. You may set signal power output  in  range
>              from  0mw to 100mw by setting value for correspond≠
>              ing channel from 0 to 255 (0xFF). The scale  is  as
>              follows:
>                           Value: 00----------128--------255
>                           Power: 0mw--------100mw-------0mw
>                   So  to  get  maximum power output from your AP
>              set value for corresponding channel to 128  (0x80).
>              But  sometimes  better  solution  -  experimentalli
>              choose values for best link quality, sometimes  not
>              max. More info you can get from:
>               http://pasadena.net/aprf/;            
>               http://desync.com/linksys.
Boy, is my face red :-[  My apologies for not reading the details in 
your very excellent man page for ap-config.
BTW - http://desync.com/linksys/ is no longer a useful link, but the 
other two links are very informative.

>>On to v1.3, then the world!!  Well, except maybe ACX100 chip sets ;-(
>what you mean?
Oh, just that I picked up  2 D-Link AirPlus APs based on the ACX100 chip 
set from TI (for 802.11b x 2
transfer rates in principle).  The last report I saw about these and 
similar APs or modems is that Linux drivers
won't be available for them until December.  Maybe it would be better to 
wait for 802.11g chip such as Intersil etc.
are demoing at Comdex to get both higher bandwidths at 2.4 GHz and have 
them based on soon-to-be standards?

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