[ap-utils] ap-utils 1.2 & DWL-900AP configs

Roman Festchook ap-utils@kiev.iorta.com
Thu, 21 Nov 2002 15:42:57 +0200

On  21  2002 01:00, root wrote:
> Great utility - I used v 1.1 to get connections between my DWL-900APs
> rolling and v1.2 just makes the job even easier.  I have noted a few
> things with v1.2 which may be of interest:
>  - when setting various config parameters (Gateway, operational mode,
> Mac auth...), the new settings seem to get "lost" now and then.
>  However, if I select the Command Upload after making a parameter
> change, the new settings always seem to be properly saved.  Rather
> interesting, as the warning when one selects Upload might imply just the
> opposite could happen.
Most SNMP settings in Atmel chipset actualized only after upload - it is 

> - is there some magic involved in setting the channel power settings?
>  If  I shut down all but one channel on my APs, the number I enter isn't
> the number that is saved (e.g, entering 510 results in 254 being saved).
all numbers more than maximum allowed (254) decreased to 254

>  Also, if I only one channel is turned on, does all the available power
> go into this channel regardless of the mW setting that is shown?
I think no - just set maximum power (128) for this channel 

> - here is a bizarre one.  For some reason during the last couple of
> weeks, if I go to Info and select KnownAPs and leave this selection
> active, the connection between my two DWL-900APs  works just fine.  If I
> do not select KnownAPs or if after selecting it I exit (click on Q) this
> option, the connection does not happen.  I've tried changing every
> config parameter that I could think of that might have caused this side
> effect, but no luck so far.
You need to set one AP in AP Client mode and set mac address of another AP to 
Remote MAC option, then make Upload conf

> Anyway, great utility and I look forward to giving v1.3 a whirl.

Roman Festchook
Network Engineer