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15.09.2003 ap-utils 1.3.3-pre3 released:
Major rewriting for UI functions, new supported options for ATMEL12350 type APs - thanks to Jan Rafaj for great work. BSD compile fixes.

15.08.2003 ap-utils 1.3.3-pre2 released:
A lot of small fixes, internal code rewriting, interface improvements and spelling. Added new options to support ATMEL12350 type APs. New Dutch translations added.

26.07.2003 ap-utils 1.3.3-pre1 released:
Added autodetection of AP type, option to connect to APs found by the AP search, bigendian and OpenBSD fixes. Added Romanian translation.

28.05.2003 ap-utils 1.3.2 released:
* added support for new AP type - new revision Netgear ME102 and compatible;
* many small bugfixes for 64bit archs such as the alpha and big endian machines.
* vi-like keys to menu movement;
* some updates for more faster screen handling.

23.02.2003 Supported hardware table updated, new links to interesting wlan progects for unix added to links page.

14.02.2003 ap-utils 1.3.1 released:
* connect option for many APs can be stored in options file;
* fixes to build on OpenBSD;
* documentation updates;
* many small bugfixes and code improvements.
All downloads moved to sourceforge.net.
Full changelog always here: ChangeLog.

06.02.2003 ap-utils 1.3.1pre5 released with small bugfixes, interface cleanups and documentation updates. Probably last 1.3.1preX release.

05.12.2002 ap-utils 1.3:
* QNX RTOS supported; * updates to support CC&C Technologies APs; * RSSI (Signal Strenght) now returned in dBm in ap-mrtg and ap-config (ATMEL mode); * polish localization added, other localization updated; * added HOWTO use ap-utils with Ovislink hardware; * FreeBSD building fixes; * new internal functions added; * additional check for data correctness added; * documentation updates and spell checking; * small bugfixes in ap-mrtg and ap-config.

20.11.2002 ap-utils version 1.3pre2 released with many small bugfixes, documentation updates, new polish localization, QNX port. If nobody noted problems with this release I will release stable version 1.3 next week.

04.11.2002 Added documentation section with info and links about getting additional information about ap-utils building, developing and using.

24.10.2002 ap-utils-1.2
* ap-nwn and ap-atmel merged to one utility ap-config; * getting SNMP data drom AP optimization; * FreeBSD and NetBSD fixes; * added support for Smartbridges airBrige speciffic mib; * added option to disable saving connect options to file; * updated ukrainian and french translations; * many documentation updates.

20.09.2002 Pre1 release of next stable version 1.2 released. Main change utilites ap-atmel and ap-nwn merged into one utility ap-config. Documentation not updated yet, please test and report bugs and problems.

20.09.2002 Version 1.1.1:
* small fixes to build on MacOS-X, and under Linux on arm, powerpc and s390.
* ap-atmel: after fixes WEP encryption works fine; added Repeater mode to Brige modes; now after setting master AP from displated list of Known APs also setted mode to AP client and ESSID to master AP ESSID, also now AP resets when getting stat only if brige mode = Access Point.
* ap-nwn: now possible to define 4 WEP keys and choose default key; added some advanced options to optimize long range links and antenna tuning; added option to reset AP, display refreshing fixes.
* ap-trapd: updated traps list with new traps from 1.4j.1 firmware; small log format changes.
* ap-mrtg: fixes about link quality/ signal strenght values displaying without modyfication.
* documentation: new traps description (ap-trapd.8); andvanced options description (ap-nwn.8); new supported hardware (README).

20.09.2002 Version 1.1: This release adds a lot of big-endian updates, fixes for APs under Spanish and French regulatory domains, ap-nwn stations code rewritten to support the D-Link DWL 1000AP, a build system rewritten to use macros from autoconf and support the IBM C compiler under AIX, an option in ap-atmel to connect to one of the known APs, an option in ap-mrtg to reset an AP when getting link quality stats, many small bugfixes, user interface improvements, localization and documentation updates, and code cleanups.

04.09.2002 Version 1.0.5: updates to normally run on big-endian processors; ap-trapd, ap-mrtg - rewriten to use getopt(), added new options, changed synopsys (!!!) see man-pages; ap-atmel, ap-nwn - user interface when program react to neutral keys fixed; ap-atmel - testmode fallback procedure updated; french localization added.

09.08.2002 Version 1.0.4. Added man-pages to all utilites; added manufacturer definition using OUI value; bus error running on Sparc fix; compile time option to disable regulation domain restriction; documentation spelling and updates.
Full changelog always here: ChangeLog.

16.07.2002 Version 1.0.3. Integration with GNU gettext for simlying localization and translation, added info about current configured AP at right bottom of the screen, search fixes in ap-nwn utility, ukrainian localization, ap-trapd: log additiomal info about agent that generate trap, internal code optimization and spelling.

04.07.2002 Version 1.0.2. Changed package name to Wireless Access Point Utilites for Unix; added port to FreeBSD (thanks to Dan Pelleg); fixes in additional info from traps logging by ap-trapd; fixes in error messages in ap-nwn utulity.

26.06.2002 Version 1.0.1. Connect errors procesing procedure updates, package building moved to autoconf, many compile time warnings and some small bugs fixed.

10.06.2002 Version 1.0. ap-atmel: added warnings in potentially dangerous options. ap-trapd: fixed getting data from old trap body when processing new trap, rewriten to log shorter messages without informative data lost.

27.05.2002 Version 1.0pre3. In SNMP engine memory leaks fixes when parsing received packets. In ap-mrtg utility option to get Link Quality/Signal Strenght stat from AP in client mode added. In ap-trapd option to bind listening for traps on a specific interface added. Added backspace support when entering password in ap-atmel and ap-nwn utilites. Fixed basic rates, uptime, AP name and ESSID displaying in ap-nwn utility. Many documentation updates.

27.05.2002 Version 1.0pre2. Fixed lenght bug in setting AP name in 'ap-nwn' utility. ap-atmel: added Regulation domain restriction to select channel in Test Mode. Added floating dropdown menus for choose from the list of options.
Full changelog here: Changelog.

24.05.2002 Just some changes on web site, I think now it more easy to use:)

22.05.2002 Today I'm post release 1.0pre1 of Access Point SNMP Utils for Linux. Before release 1.0 I freeze any new development and only plan to fix reported bugs. If nobody send sirious bugreports - after week I shall publish first stable release 1.0.
Changes to this release:
utility 'ap-nwn': added option to fing connected APs; added basic rates choose options; added WEP key set options;
utility 'ap-atmel': search APs fixes and improvements
Full changelog here: Changelog.

17.05.2002 Version 0.9.6. In 'ap-atmel' utility added option to fing connected APs. In 'ap-mrtg' added option to get associated stations statistics. Now connect options will be stored into config file. Added checks for some hardware restrictions. Connection password at input displayed with '*'. Many small bugfixes, interface and speed of program improvements.

05.05.2002 Version 0.9.5. Added utility 'ap-nwn' to configure APs with MIB-II, IEEE 802.11 MIB and NWN DOT11EXT MIB support, such as Compex WP11. Utility 'ap-cnf' renamed to 'ap-atmel'. SNMP-engine updated to support Compex WP11 SNMP-agent and returned from agent oid now accessible to program. Documentation updates: added FAQ, added description of most configuration options 'ap-atmel' utility and other minor additions about maillist and new utility 'ap-nwn'. Minor bugfixes in 'ap-atmel' and 'ap-trapd' utilites.

04.05.2002 Today I'm create maillist for annonces, user and developer discussions, bugreports and success stories related to Access Point SNMP Utils for Linux.
More info...

23.04.2002 Version 0.9. Added option to enable/disable antenna. Finished working on test mode. Documentation updates. Fixed mac number error when deleting addresses from list.

15.04.2002 Version 0.8.2. Fixed displaying and setting mac authorization status. Added additional info about known APs: WEP, Preambule, Link Quality and Signal Strenght. Added ukrainian docs (thanks to Kucherak Sergij). Small bugfixes and interface improvements.