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Wireless Access Point Utilites for Unix - it's a set of utilites to configure and monitor Wireless Access Points under Unix using SNMP and tftp protocol. Utilites knownly compiles by GCC and IBM C compiler and run under Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, MacOS-X, AIX, QNX, OpenBSD.
Utilites writen by Roman Festchook and released under the terms GNU General Public License version 2.0. A copy of the file is included with this distribution package.

As for version 1.5 package include seven utils:

  • ap-config - to config and get stats from Atmel-MIB based APs and devices that support IEEE 802.11 MIB and NWN DOT11EXT MIB;
  • ap-gl - to config and get stats from Atmel-MIB based APs with 1.4k.2 firmware;
  • ap-tftp - command line utility to upgrade AP firmare over tftp;
  • ap-auth - command line utility to work with mac auth;
  • ap-mrtg - to get stat from AP and return it in MRTG parsable format;
  • ap-rrd - to get stat from AP and save it into RRD database;
  • ap-trapd - to receive, parse and log trap messages from AP.



Any help in developing, bugfixing and testing are welcome. Also any additional documentation, free hardware examples to support and job offers greatly welcomed.
Any comments please send to my email - roma at polesye.net or to maillist.

Reporting problems

Before sending bugreports please read docs (firstly README and FAQ) and upgrade to latest version of utils. If problem still exist please, send a detailed description of your problem to maillist. Include the version of the program, the operating system that you are using, the compiler and compiler flags used to compile the program (if you know them), what kind of distribution you are using (if a GNU/Linux system).
If the program crashed and produces a core dump, please provide a stack trace of the program. You can do this by running dbx or gdb like this:

    [roma@home roma]$ gdb utility_name core
    (gdb) where