[ap-utils] Problems with different aputils versions

John Coppens john at jcoppens.com
Tue Jan 16 17:29:10 EET 2007

Hello all.

I've been using version 1.4.1 for quite some time, but when I checked
1.5.1, I noticed several improvements, I wanted to have...

So I installed 1.5.1 without problems and noticed several strange

1) Each time I switch from 1.4.1 to 1.5.1rc3, I have to re-enter the IP
address of the AP...

2) In 1.5.1, config of the 'wireless' section is not accessible, which
works in 1.4.1. On the other hand, in 1.4.1, the Radio section can't be
accessed, which _does_ work in the 1.5.1 version. (see below)

3) I was monitoring a problem with a client (CWA854) wifi, and I was
surprised to see the client listed in the "Known AP" list with the same
MAC as the Access point. The CWA is a wifi client, not Access point.
Also, the board is reported as being configured as Ad-hoc, though it's
configured as Infrastructure.
(I traced the SMNP messages, and that wrong MAC is in the SMNP response
packet. If there is a mixup with the client MAX, what are the MACs
reported for the other APs on frequency?)

As far as I can detect (I'm no expert programmer), there is a difference
between the 0.0.x.x (like my version of the ATMEL12350.mib and
the the later (2-RAM) 0.2.x.x versions. The earlier version does not
have the last 2 parameters in the Wireless section (beaconPeriod and

I can send you the MIB from the old 12350 version, but I'm not sure it is
correct to send it to the list.

Thanks for the AP-utils!

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