[ap-utils] AP strangeness

Jan Rafaj jr-aputils at cedric.unob.cz
Mon Jan 24 10:09:05 EET 2005

Hi John,

Please download the latest 'development' version of ap-utils, and read
ap-tftp manpage, particularly the section dealing with 'ARP PING' feature.
It might eventually shed some light onto your problems I guess (at
least, 'automagical change of APs IP address' is, to my knowledge,
only possible if ARP PING is involved).



On Mon, 24 Jan 2005, John Coppens wrote:

> Hello all.
> I cannot understand why my AP (CNAP-711) changes its Ethernet IP if I ping
> at some other IP when it is defined in the route table as Gateway.
> This, of course, disrupts the communication with ap-config, and if I use
> the search mode, ap-config finds the AP at the IP I tried to access, but I
> cannot log in to change it back.
> Power on/off returns the AP to the original, programmed, IP.
> Suggestions?
> John

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