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Roman Festchook roma at polesye.net
Sun Jan 9 19:08:13 EET 2005

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A few strange things
Від: John Coppens <john at jcoppens.com>
Кому: ap-utils at lists.polesye.net
Дата: 2005-01-05 07:05

Hi all.

First of all, thanks for publishing the programs!

1) If the program is released under the GPL, why do I still get the
license warning when modprobing? Am I doing something wrong?

2) Why doesn't the 'radio' option (to set/view power etc) work 'Can not
get the data from the AP'... If this is a password problem, why do all the
other options work? (Like changing frequency, essid etc)

3) May I suggest a warning when exiting from a modified parameter page?
And maybe a warning when exiting without 'uploading' modified parameters?

1) modprobing never be related to ap-utils - there are not any kernel 
2) probably your firmware doesn support this options (or one of this) - what 
version you use?
3) I will think about it

Roman Festchook
Network Engineer

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