[ap-utils] Signal jumping

John Coppens info at jcoppens.com
Sun Feb 20 16:04:15 EET 2005

Hi people.

There's a 50-50 chance the fault lies with the AP, but here's my doubt:

I added a small logging utility that basically just takes the dBm reading
from iwconfig, and logs it to a file. 

The signal originally jumped between about -73 dBm peaking down to -87,
which was a bit hairy at 11 MB/s. I moved the antenna a bit and now the
signal is stable at about -75 dBm, jumping to -62 dBm.


- Someone knows where these jumps come from (about 12 dBm - quite a large
jump) I first (with the negative jumps) thought it might be desentitising
from another user (supermarket), but now the jumps are up?

- I considered power saving mode, but, as far as I can determine, power
saving is off, both at the AP and the client.

- I thought about contacts, but I also replaced cables.

Any suggestions?

Hre are the graphs:

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