[ap-utils] RSSI/LQ

Lars Gaarden lars.gaarden at e-nett.no
Fri Feb 27 11:07:41 EET 2004

Homer Parker wrote:
> 	I'm seeing quite a bit of difference between the RSSI/LQ in ap-utils and
> that shown in simpleMonitor that comes with the smartBridges APPO. The
> stats show in ap-utils is quite a bit higher. IE:
> ap-utils	LQ	RSSI
> 1 0050FCA5794E	82%	-84dBm  
> simplemonitor
> 1 0050FCA5794E	60%	27%(-72dBm)

SmartBridges SimpleMonitor tends to report too high values.
Trust ap-config, not simplemonitor.


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