[ap-utils] Can't set multicast membership to socket

Pascal Poudrier ap-utils@kiev.iorta.com
Wed, 19 Mar 2003 19:47:20 +0000

Hi all, here's my problem.

I tried to compile the source code of ap-utils on my remote pc but I don't 
have anything for compilation. I compiled it on my computer and upload the 
ap-config binary to the remote computer. It run !!

When I try to search for Access Point, I get this error :

"Can't set multicast membership to socket, Invalid sendto: Network is 

I can ping my AP ( witch is connect directly to the remore computer with an 
X cable).

I tried it on my PC with my Atmel AP and everything work fine.

Any Idea of what it can be ??

Thank's a lot


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