[ap-utils] MRTG

David Shaw ap-utils@lists.polesye.net
24 Jun 2003 06:48:53 -0700

**I read the man page for ap-mrtg and I get a error message emailed to

Bareword found where operator expected at (eval 4) line 1, near
        (Missing operator before ap?)
ERROR: Target[ap_e] eval warning: syntax error at (eval 4) line 1, near

**Here is waht I have in my mrtg.cfg file. Can anyone tell me what I'm
doing that not right?

#Simple mrtg.cfg for get stats from Atmel based AP:
Target[ap_e]: /usr/local/bin/ap-mrtg -i  -c "passwd" -t
ethernet -v
Options[ap_e]: noinfo, growright, bits
MaxBytes[ap_e]: 12500
Title[ap_e]: Traffic Analysis for AP Ethernet port
PageTop[ap_e]: <H1>Traffic Analysis for AP Ethernet port</H1>
Target[ap_w]: /usr/local/bin/ap-mrtg -i -c shaw -t
wireless -v
Options[ap_w]: noinfo, growright, perminute
ShortLegend[ap_w]: pkt/min
MaxBytes[ap_w]: 100000000
Legend1[ap_w]:  Packets In
Legend2[ap_w]:  Packets Out
YLegend[ap_w]: packets/min
Title[ap_w]: Traffic Analysis for AP Wireless port
PageTop[ap_w]: <H1>Traffic Analysis for AP Wireless port</H1>
Target[ap_s]: /usr/local/bin/ap-mrtg -i -c "passwd" -t
stations -v
Options[ap_s]: growright, gauge, noinfo
ShortLegend[ap_s]: stations
MaxBytes[ap_s]: 10
YTics[ap_s]: 10
Legend2[ap_s]: none
Legend1[ap_s]: Associated Stations
YLegend[ap_s]: Associated Stations
Title[ap_s]: Traffic Analysis for AP Associated Stations
PageTop[ap_s]: <H1>Traffic Analysis for AP Associated Stations</H1>
LegendO[ap_s]: none
LegendI[ap_s]: Associated Stations

Thanks, David

On Mon, 2003-06-23 at 11:53, Roman Festchook wrote:
> On Пон 23 Чер 2003 20:56, David Shaw wrote:
> > Hello All, Does anyone know how to setup ap-mrtg to show up on my mrtg
> > web page? I can manully run the cmd and it looks like it's working. Just
> > need some setting it up so I can view it from the web page.
> man ap-mrtg