[ap-utils] Micronet SP918+WEP KEY

Johnny Brown ap-utils@kiev.iorta.com
Sat, 25 Jan 2003 19:53:52 +0100

Hi there,

The zeros are a "design feature" of ap-config or ap-utils.  The WEP keys 
you enter are really accepted and written to the modem, permanently if 
you do an Upload from the Commands menu after setting them.  However, 
the new key values are not echoed to the user when you return to the 
Privacy settings under the Config menu.  This is supposedly a security 
feature of ap-config.

IMHO - if the modem or AP administrator can set the key values, he or 
she should be able to SEE the key values.  However, that is an issue you 
will need to take up with Roman.  I'm not complaining, mind you, as I 
find the overall ap-utils package to be extremely useful.  Maybe just 
adding info to the man page about the zeros would be enough help for new 

I have set the WEP keys for both 64 and 128 bit encryption and they have 
worked correctly.  Be sure to Upload the new values after you enter the 
keys if you want to keep them permanently (or until the next time you 
want to change their values).  That is, assuming Upload doesn't cause 
problems for your type of modem/AP.  I have D-Link equipment, so 
Uploading is required if I want to save any parameter settings after I 
modify them. Actually, I have to do the Upload each time I change each 
parameter, even if I want to change several values at the same time.

Good luck,


Joćo Seabra wrote:

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>Please reply to me since Im NOT on the list
> Im unable to set WEP Keys value for Micronet SP918.
> I can choose which encr. to use but after I enter the value I want I get 
>config. submit or (something like that) and when I return there all keys are 
> This happens either with ap-utils or atmel xp config util.
> Anyone had the same problem?
> Reset / Factory Defaults did not solved the problem....
>Best Regards,
> Joćo Seabra
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