[ap-utils] linksys WAP11 huge errors report

Nikolay Datchev ap-utils@kiev.iorta.com
Wed, 8 Jan 2003 14:32:31 +0200 (EET)

Hello there,

First, thanks for writing so cool and useful software.

The ap-config utility shows me a huge number of TX errors in
Info->Wireless section. I know only that FCSError is Frame Check Sequence
fail, but InvalidPLCP is mistery for me. They both increase with huge
speed - FCS errors with about 1/10 of all tx'ed packets, PLCP about 1/100.
ACKFailures are also huge number - about 3*FCSerrors. Is it normal to have
such number of errors ? Wireless link is built like this: Two WAP11's in
pointopoint mode, with power set to 128 for used channel, all speeds set
to 'on' with auto-rate-fallback, distance is about 3.5 kilometers,
antennas used are satellite dishes with about 1.5m diameters, one antenna
port for tx/rx. Used coax cable is short enough and quality enough (i

Performance of this link gets down day by day, i can see pings > 300, the
load is 256-512 Kbps and 200-300 packets/sec.

Is it normal to have such number of errors, if no, please give me a start
point to find the problem; i'm really sick of this.

Really sorry if this is the wrong maillist for such questions, (i guess it
is, but i believe guys posting here are really experienced in wireless
networks). Thanks a lot in advance.

-- Nikolay Datchev