[ap-utils] ATMEL12350 (Netgear ME-102) support for ap-mrtg

Roman Festchook roma at polesye.net
Sun Dec 28 00:48:09 EET 2003

Thank you for the patch - today it applayed to the package tree and will be 
avaible in the next devel release.

þÅÔ 18 çÒÕ 2003 20:23, Ashley Gittins ÷É ÎÁÐÉÓÁÌÉ:
> Hi Roman et-al,
> 	Searching the lists etc I was not able to find anything on ap-mrtg support
> for the Netgear ME-102 or other ATMEL12350-based devices.
> My AP doesn't respond to the requests from ap-mrtg, so I did a nasty dirty
> hack to add ME102 support. It works, but it's not the nicest way of doing
> it. I thought I'd share it in case anyone else was having problems with
> ME-102's and ap-mrtg, or if Roman felt it could go into the tree.
> After applying the patch and recompiling, you can pass the option "-a 510"
> to ap-mrtg to get it to talk to an ME-102 or (possibly) other ATMEL12350
> devices. Only tested on my ME102, but appears to be working well (have not
> tested link quality stuff).
> Patch was made against 1.3.4pre1, and can be found at
> http://www.purple.dropbear.id.au/downloads/ap-utils-1.3.4pre1-me102.patch.g
>z If anyone wants it emailed (it's only 1k) let me know.
> Thanks for ap-utils Roman, great work!

Roman Festchook
Network Engineer

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