[ap-utils] SVEC FD1811

Gareth Lowe ap-utils@lists.polesye.net
Wed, 9 Apr 2003 14:08:04 +0800

When I used version 1.1.1 of ap-utils, using ap-atmel, I was able to connect
and administer the SVEC FD1811 AP which is based on the same atmel chipset
as the Dlink DWL900 (Im not sure, but Im told that the SVEC is just a
rebadged DWL900?). I upgraded to 1.3.1 and suddenly the ap-config util can
no longer find, or adminster my AP. Can anyone tell me why? Or if not where
to get the 1.1.1 source? The SVEC quite a popular AP here in Australia,
maybe you could add support for it? :)