[AP-UTILS] 0.9.5 vs 1.0 error values?

Roman Festchook ap-utils@kiev.iorta.com
Fri, 14 Jun 2002 19:27:51 +0300

On  14  2002 19:14, John Foust wrote:
> When ap-mrtg 0.9.5 tried to talk to these when they were "off",
> MRTG didn't seem to mind.  I'm guessing that ap-mrtg returned
> zero values in this case.  (I didn't keep an old copy of 0.9.5
> so I can't check.)
Not zero, but more than max value in MRTG conf.

> Now with ap-mrtg 1.0, when it fails to connect, MRTG generates
> output consisting of two blank lines, a dash, and another blank.
Yes - I change it to control stability of the link.

> I don't see a link to 0.9.5 on the web site.  I was happy with
> it; I'd either like to revert or learn how to configure 1.0 to
> generate valid "zero" data when it can't connect.
To revert to old style you need to replace in file atmel/ap-mrtg.c string:
	#define ERR_STR "\n\n-\n\n"
	#define ERR_STR "99999999\n99999999\n-\n\n"

When rebuild and reinstall utilites:
	make install

Have Fun!
Roman Festchook
Network Engineer