[ap-utils] Version 1.5.1pre2 translation problems

Jorma Karvonen karvjorm at users.sourceforge.net
Sun Jan 1 23:50:57 EET 2006


Texts that have divided between two or more lines, do not work. For 
example, here below the 2nd printf, the 6th printf, and the 8th printf 
are still in English when running the program. There are few more like 
those ones. Please, check all source code files.

printf(_("\tap-mrtg -i ip -c community -t type [-b bssid] [-n name] "
	 "[-v] [-h] [-r]\n\n"));
printf(_("Get stats from AP and return it in MRTG parsable format\n\n"));
printf(_("-i ip        - AP ip address\n"));
printf(_("-c community - SNMP community string\n"));
printf(_("-t type      - statistics type <w>ireless, <e>thernet, "
	 "associated <s>tations or <l>ink quality (last one will only "));
printf(_("work with ATMEL410 MIB devices in AP Client mode)\n"));
printf(_("-b bssid     - mac address of the AP from which get link quality"
	 ", only if type=l\n"));
printf(_("-n name      - AP name - for check only\n"));
printf(_("-v           - report MRTG about problems connecting to AP\n"));
printf(_("-r           - reset AP when getting LinkQuality stats\n"));
printf(_("-h           - print this help screen\n\n"));
printf(_("ap-mrtg %s Copyright (c) 2002-2003 Roman Festchook\n\n"),

There are also texts like:


Those are also shown in English only. Should it be "printf(_("xxxx"));" ?

There are also something wrong with "printf(_("a aptype - AP type - 410 
(default) ..."));".  Should it be like "printf(_("a aptype - AP type - 
410 \(default\) ..."));" ??

Best regards,

Jorma Karvonen

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