[ap-utils] 14 Channels on AP900+

Jan Rafaj jr-aputils at cedric.unob.cz
Thu Mar 24 12:16:43 EET 2005

Hi Marco,

I'm sorry to tell you that AP900+ (I presume you're speaking about
D-Link DWL 900AP+ gear) is not supported by ap-utils.
ap-utils basically aims to support only gears based on ATMEL AT76C510
bridge chip (and devices with NWN MIB). AP900+ does not fall into
any of these cathegories - it appears to use bridge chip from Texas
Instruments, which is not supported by ap-utils.
However, D-Link DWL 900AP (older hardware variant) is supported, becouse
it is based on AT76C510.

As for the extra channels, please be sure it is legal in your country to
do something like this (extending channel range) - if it is illegal, dont
ever bother trying.
Every country must respect certain regulation policies, and if regulatory
body catches you becouse your device emissions are out of specs
and even out of band, you could be prosecuted with great penalty.
This is just a warning, but please do not take this lightly.
The corresponding functionality in ap-utils you're apparently referring
to, is meant only for use by repair shops and wireless ISPs, NOT for home



On Thu, 24 Mar 2005, Marco Antonio de Oliveira Georges wrote:

> I have one client that has an AP900+ that is working with 14channels
> (MKK)! And have more AP900+ with same characteristics and These others
> don´t  work on 14channels
> Version firmware 2.55
> H/W: B1
> F/W: 2.1
> Made in Taiwan
> these AP900+ communicate with Orinoco AP500 like AP client and using
> WEP Key 64bits.
> coludl anyone help me how to enable 14channels on others APs900+ ?
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