[ap-utils] SP918 dead

Jan Rafaj jr-aputils at cedric.unob.cz
Thu Jan 20 18:58:27 EET 2005

Hi Joăo,

Please, download the latest ap-utils DEVELOPMENT version, and _READ_
- the manpage for ap-tftp and
- section relevant to 'free firmware upgrade' in README

Your AP has suffered from 'dead by reconfiguration' bug due to bug
in (almost all not current) generic ATMEL firmware versions.
The way is to fix by firmware upgrade - and I'm quite sure your
AP was running something like 0.2.2.X firmware version with X < 20 ....

There's chance you could upgrade to firmware, which is
(finally!) not plaqued by this bug, and has ton of other extra
features - please read the relevant section in the README as noted

There's apparently no way of how to restore the AP at the moment,
HOWEVER, if your AP has an USB port, and you'd be able to see
something like 'Device with VID/PID 03eb/7611 connected' after
plugging it to your linux box via USB port (provided that you
have *hci.o module installed), then there _IS_ a chance your
AP could be easily restored using so-called 'DFU' ('Device Firmware
Upgrade standard') utility - I have an 'ap-dfu' (linux equivalent
of windows 'DFU' USB utility used for firmware upgrade and
conf. restores) in the works. At the moment, you could try AP restoral
with the windows utility from your vendor. If you can't, you'll,
unfortunately, have to wait until I finish ap-dfu.

In case your device does not identify itself with VID/PID using USB
connection, it is worse. I'm currently in process of trying onboard
flash reprogramming with valid image through JTAG interface the AT76C510
WiSOC provides, however there's been just partial success with this.
So in this case, I'm afraid, rather than waiting for unsure to
happen, you'd do better returning your AP to your seller for replacement.
If you manage to get a new AP, DO NOT, BY ANY MEANS, FORGET TO UPGRADE
IT TO A SAFE FIRMWARE (provided that your AP qualifies for
free firmware upgrade as described in README).

Please post closer information about your AP:
- FCC ID of your AP
- firmware version you've used prior your attempt to upgrade firmware
- version of firmware you've tried to upgrade with
- whether your AP has provided web interface for configuration or not


ap-utils co-developer

On Thu, 20 Jan 2005, [ISO-8859-1] Joăo Seabra wrote:

> Hi
>  Happy New Year :-)
>  I changed the primary port from ethernet to wireless while using the
> ap in client mode and now its dead.
>  No AP, doesnt reply to pings and the reset procedure described in the
> micronet page does nothing.The ip configure doesnt work,etc...
>  Does anyone know how do i perform a full reset to the damn thing or
> how do i solve my problem?
> thanks
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