[ap-utils] mac auth updates from command line (patch)

Teemu Kiviniemi teemuki at fotokone.fi
Mon Jul 19 18:06:50 EEST 2004


I couldn't find a command line utility to change the list of authorised MAC 
addresses, so I did one myself. I combined some of the existing code found in 
ap-mrtg.c and auth_mac.c to make ap-auth.c. 

ap-auth -i ip -c community -d filename
ap-auth -i ip -c community -u filename

-i ip        - AP ip address
-c community - SNMP community string
-d filename  - download list of authorised MAC addresses from AP to a file
-u filename  - upload list of authorised MAC addresses from a file to AP

Here is a patch against ap-utils 1.4.1:

It has only support for ATMEL410, because I can't test the code on other 
accesspoints. I've tested it and it works with smartBridges Airpoint Pro.


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