[ap-utils] Elecom LD-WL11/AP2 and ap-utils

Kalin KOZHUHAROV kalin at ThinRope.net
Wed Feb 25 19:08:18 EET 2004


I just managed to start my WiFi network after several months of (not so much) struggling.

I am using two ELECOM products LD-WL11/AP2 and LD-WL11/PCCS (PCMCIA card).

I opened my AP and inside it found the following ICs:

Atmel AT76C503A	(chipset?)
RFMD RF3000	(radio)
IC Solutins IS63LV1024	(CMOS)

I couldn't get ap-utils to work with it, that is why I am asking if it is supported or not.
If yes, what type is it (I tried all, but no success).

The AP has a web interface which I can access form any browser.


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