[ap-utils] Solaris build problems

Roman Festchook roma at polesye.net
Wed Feb 25 01:02:03 EET 2004

On Wednesday 25 February 2004 00:56, Daniel E. Eisenbud wrote:
> While I was at it, I tried to build on Solaris.  No <features.h>, and
> I'm not sure uint_32_t is defined anywhere in /usr/lib.  I fixed that,
I try to define it by hand. What build host? (to make configure.in 

> and then realized that I didn't have ncurses installed, so I stopped
> there for now.  I'll try again later with ncurses, if I have a chance.
> (Any reason it shouldn't work with regular SysV curses?)
hmmm - probably should, but havn't possibility to test:(

Roman Festchook
Network Engineer

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