[ap-utils] Patch to make ap-config able to set ESSID on powerpc linux

Roman Festchook roma at polesye.net
Tue Feb 24 23:51:02 EET 2004

=F0=CF=CE 23 =EC=C0=D4 2004 05:54, Daniel E. Eisenbud =F7=C9 =CE=C1=D0=C9=
> There's an endianness issue in wlan.c that makes ap-config always set
> the ESSID to an empty string on powerpc linux.  (This is with a Netgear
> ME102, but that's irrelevant.)  The SNMP packet setting the ESSID
> specifies that the length of the string is 0, and also sends the
> correct string.  I used snmpset to send the same packet with the correc=
> length, and it worked.
> A quick inspection of wlan.c revealed that this was the result of
> casting an int pointer to a char pointer.  The attached patch fixes the
> problem, but I haven't checked that there aren't other such problems in
> the source.  I presume that this is an issue MacOS X and some other
> platforms as well.
Thank you for detailed bugreport with analyz and fix - its will be the gr=
if all bugsreports be like yours!

Roman Festchook
Network Engineer

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