[ap-utils] smartbridge indoor and client mode: adhoc and infrastructure

Sam Hodge samiam at air-stream.org
Fri Dec 24 05:22:05 EET 2004


I am part of a community wireless group in Adelaide South Australia
www.air-stream.org. I was lucky enough to be able to buy an air-bridge
indoor second hand and it is a very good peice of equipment. Typically
we have been administering it via the windows based SNMP mangement tool.

But due to a bridging issue with the current link configuration we are
unable to route a windows machine to use the SNMP management tool
"simplemonitor". INstead we woudl like to use ap-config on the linux
router the device is connected to via a managed switch.

we are currently using the 1.43 version of the software

"Version 1.43 - 27 February 2003 - Firmware version 0.09.10
This version is provided for backward compatibility. The feature set is
same as that of CD ver 1.42 (fully transparent bridge to support a
single computer. Does not support Remote Management).
Version 1.51 users can use this version to downgrade to version 1.42
features set."

as on http://www.smartbridges.com/support/ab.asp

So... we used ap-utils namely ap-config

we wish to set the air-bridge with the following settings
on the airbridge indoor unit using ap-config

SSID "Air-Stream-Frontier-ISP"
WEP on hex "0888888888"
Client mode to MAC 01 23 45 67 89 AB on channel 4 in infrastucture mode

the only current solution is to go onsite and set up the equipment with
a windows laptop.

The version of AP config is as follows "Version 1.4.1" the operating
system is Red Hat fedora core 1   

the following info is available from sys info
Device_hardware/software/nameinfo:                                                                             Wireless_Adapter(Ver._0.09.10)_Ridleyton-FrontierISP                                                             MACaddress:_00301A00D8F6                                                                                         Product_name:_airBridge                                                                                            Product_type:_0                                                                                                    Hardware_revision:_1                                                                                               OEM_name:_airBridge                                                                                                OEM_ID:_0                                                                                                          Regulation_domain:_ETSI_(Europe)_[48]                                                                            Info_structure_version:_0                                                                                          Manufacturer OUI: 00 30 1A (SMARTBRIDGES PTE. LTD.)

when ever we try to put these settings in the bridge reverts to adhoc
mode as seen by neighbouring clients in the site survey

the SSID is correctly set but it will no associate as it is in adhoc not
infrastructure the setting of wep keys is confusing as well, do you put
the 40(64) bit key into the first 10 digits of the panel or the last 10

I hope this isnt a repeat post I believe I tried to post before but the
details in that previous post were brief.


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