[ap-utils] ME102 Radio Configuration

Ritter Gernot linux at gernotritter.com
Fri Apr 2 14:23:01 EEST 2004

hi everybody, 
I've got a pair of ME102 and am desperately trying to connect over a 500 
Meter-free-sight-distance since 2 months now. 
A sticker on the bottom of the APs says "Rev.B" and when opening the case 
there's another sticker "Rev.0". 
With ap-utils 1.3.4pre1 the "radio configuration" was accessible, but since I 
tried version 1.4 today, it's not working anymore. 
Is there some hardware issue about that me102 that i missed ? 
I have not the equipment to test the ap thoroughly whether the two antennas 
are both receive and send or not. I could turn off one of the antennas of the 
ap back with version 1.3.4pre1 but since nothin's working here but under a 
distance of 200 Meters I assume that either the setting did not apply or 
there's some limitation in the hardware that makes external antennas 
I even attached professional antennas (high gain priced >100Euros)  - no 
Can anybody confirm this ?  
(...last thing for me to do: throw them shit**y aps out the window !!!) 
Anybody any idea ? Please help ! 
Thanks in advance 
Gernot Ritter 
Suddenly I began to feel the acute depression that steals  
over every realist in the presence of an optimist.  

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