[ap-utils] Linksys WAP54G

Lauri Laupmaa mauri at minut.ee
Mon Sep 22 23:17:28 EEST 2003

Nikhil Goel wrote:

 >Roman Festchook wrote:
 >>On ??? 10 ??? 2003 19:47, Jeremy Koski wrote:
 >>Anybody know if it is possible to use ap-utils with the Linksys 
 >>WAP54G? I
 >>did not have any luck.
 >Probably no - it use different chipset for different standart:(
 > From what has become available from the recent LKML posts, it >seems
 >that there is no SNMP implementation. The config is through the Web
 >based interface.
 >An nmap scan could confirm it.

WAP54G has SNMP implementation, but unfortunately it seems to be 
nonstandard, just like WAP11.

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