[ap-utils] Setting ME102 parameters

Sid Subramanian sid at ruthstreet.com
Wed Oct 8 19:08:02 EEST 2003

Hi - I know this is not directly related to the purpose of this list,
but the folks who wrote this code would probably have the answer to my


I'm actually writing a Windows application that sets certain parameters
on access points and am trying to get it to work initially with the
Netgear ME102.  I am able to read parameters using the OIDs I
constructed from the MIB, but when I try to write the parameters (e.g.,
the ESSID) the following happens - it succeeds, I'm able to read back
the value using my application or the Netgear SNMP application, but it
doesn't actually change the SSID that the access point is using (and


Now I figured that the SysUpload and SysReset parameters from the MIB
may have something to do with it, so after I set the SSID, I set the
SysUpload flag to 1, and then also set the SysReset flag to 1.  Neither
had the desired effect.  Instead, it seems the only way to get it to
work was to read it back with the Netgear SNMP app and then to click OK
on it to commit it.


So, it sounds to me like I'm missing a step there on something that I
need to write to the access point that would actually commit the value.
Could someone tell me what that is?  I would really appreciate it.



Sid Subramanian

Austin, TX, USA


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