[ap-utils] Belkin F5D6130

Tony Simone ap-utils@kiev.iorta.com
13 Nov 2002 12:12:16 -0500

First, let me say thanks for the great utility!  I soooo hate going to
windows just to configure my AP.

I was given a Belkin F5D6130 AP and I've been using for a few days now. 
I can use the Belkin AP Manager tool for windows from their download
site just fine, all parameters look good.  I have also updated it to the
latest firmware release (1.4g.8).  When I use ap-atmel (1.1) or the
newer ap-config (1.2), I can see most of the system information just
fine, but the Config section seems broken.  The values in nearly all of
subsections are either garbled or don't match the real values on the
system.  Does anyone know what the problem is or how I can fix it?  I
have the official Belkin AP MIB if that would help (you can download it
from Belkin).

Here is the AP info from the Sysinfo screen, which is accurate:

 802.11 AP (Ver. 1.4g.8) Moya
Mac Address: 00:30:F1:10:21:54
Product Name: ACCESS POINT
ProductType: 0
HardwareRevision: 0
RegulationDomain: FCC (USA)
StructVersion: 2
Manufacturer OUI: 00 30 F1 (Accton Technology Corp.)

Here is output on the Config->Bridging section, which is way off from
what it should be:

Mac Address: 82:B3:77:F3:7B:81
IP:  Netmask:
Filter non IP-traffic: off
Primary port: Ethernet
DHCP protocol: off
Operational Mode: Access Point
SNMP Traps: off

Any ideas?  Thanks in advance for any help.