[AP-UTILS] patch to fix compile-time errors in ap-utils-0.9.5-2002050602

Roman Festchook roma@polesye.net
Sat, 11 May 2002 09:22:09 +0300

Hello Erik!

On ๐ัิ 10 ๔าม 2002 22:51, Erik Rossen wrote:
> Here are my first patches.

> When I tried compiling ap-utils-0.9.5-2002050602 on my Debian woody systems
> (both i386 and sparc), I got the following errors and warnings.
> #1 and #2 were fatal, #3 is just pickiness from a missing type cast.  What
> I don't understand is why errors #1 and #2 occurred.  They seem to come
> from local variable declarations that occur in the middle of functions.  I
> thought that was perfectly legal C, but my version of gcc does not like it.
>  Has anyone else had similar problems?  Anyway, the code compiled cleanly
> after I moved the declarations to the beginning of the code block of the
> functions.
You right pre-3 versions of gcc need var declarations on the top of functions.

> Roman:  How often will you be posting updated tarballs?  What is your work
For now I post latest tarball with both you patches and some my code additions 
at http://ap-utils.polesye.net/.

> schedule like?  Should we be sending small patches that fix one problem at
> a time or big patches that include every improvement that we have made?  I
> have a temporary fix for the ncurses redisplay problem that is worth adding
> as soon as possible, but I have not included it in this patch.
I think the better way - its to send small patches against latest development 
tarball published at home page, because I dont use any version control system 
and ap-utils development not very intensive.

> gcc -O2 -I../common -Wall   -c -o ap-search.o ap-search.c
And please dont use ap-search - its only to my small research and absolutelly 
not useful for now.

Roman Festchook
Network Engineer
ORTA Polesye ISP